Have you been looking for solutions to resolve the complications from your treatment, such as joint pain, fatigue, night sweats, lymphedema, and weight gain? Still have questions months or even years out from treatment about preventing recurrence and building up a stronger immune system? Wanting to know how new research affects your health as a breast cancer survivor who had a certain type of chemotherapy, for example? Wishing you could find a doctor or nurse who really understood nutrition needs for you? Good for you! You are part of the solution to making this new kind of healthcare the standard of care in every cancer treatment program in America.

The field is new. Breast cancer survivors and healthcare providers are learning together. Survivors will have to be informed, proactive consumers to get help for the near and late effects of their treatments. At the same time, many healthcare professionals are just learning how to treat and manage these problems.

Breast Cancer Survivorship Centers are creating the model for how personalized, multi-disciplinary medical care can continue after treatment. Imagine…oncology nurses, oncologists, nurse practitioners, heart specialists, fertility specialists, physical therapists, psychologists, social workers…all focusing on helping breast cancer survivors get and stay back in the swing. Finally, research-based medical care to complete the continuum of care they deserve.

In a recent needs assessment survey conducted with the help of Back in the Swing, oncology nurses around the country were asked how important is it for oncology nurses to develop skills to help patients manage survivorship issues. A resounding 83% responded “very important”. Yet, only 13% considered themselves “very skilled” in this area of care.

To help fill this skill gap, Back in the Swing is helping to develop an Oncology Nurse Training Curriculum which will empower oncology nurses to use the most advanced, evidence-based tools to help breast cancer patients access post-treatment care

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