Choose a healthy lifestyle proven to optimize your wellbeing.

The good news researchers have discovered? Personalized medicine is most effective when recovering from disease, as well as treating it. Phases of cancer survivorship offer different recommendations for recovery, and research and research continues to redefine what “healthy living” means for each person.

Addressing everything from post-treatment pharmaceuticals to exercise protocols, nutrition, menopausal symptoms, and sexual activity to work schedules and financial issues – each subject needs to be customized for the most effective individualized health and wellbeing outcomes. Likewise, healthy living right after treatment ends may be defined differently 5, 10 or more years later, depending on how and when a person regains her strength and energy after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation…or a combination of some or all.

Getting back in the swing means a changing definition of healthy living, just as would recovery from, and maintaining good health after, any life-threatening illness, with a healthy dose of respect for each person’s mind, body and spirit.