Jennifer R. Klemp, Ph.D., MPH
Assistant Prof. of Med., Div. of Clinical Oncology
Associate Dir., Breast Cancer Survivorship Center
University of Kansas Medical Center


Barbara Unell
Founder of Back in the Swing


100% of the purchase price of your Back in the Swing Shopping Card will make survivorship healthcare possible for breast cancer survivors, and you learned more about our mission so you can help us spread our message!

shopping centers

You work so hard on our behalf to help sign up your merchants and “paint” your centers pink to support our mission of joyful living. And, in our eighth year, 44 shopping centers joined us in 20 new states for the first ever National Back in the Swing Retail Therapy Week!


You bring value to our Shopping Card by offering discounts. Your healthy dose of Retail Therapy for a whole week makes fall shopping more fun than ever!

the media

Through postcards, newspapers, magazines, online, outdoor, radio…the message of “joyful, healthful living after breast cancer” reached more people than ever before. The reach and frequency you give our message allows us to spread the movement for post treatment care and make it accessible to breast cancer survivors everywhere.


You provide the underwriting that allows 100% of our Shopping Card sales to go to survivorship services, education and research.

healthcare providers

You are doing the amazing work of breaking new ground to provide the medical care, research and education from which breast cancer survivors can now reap the life-long benefits.

breast cancer survivors

Your persistence in demanding the answer to the question “Now what?” after your treatment ended has resulted in the answers that are helping you and all breast cancer survivors get continued care. You’ve become the best advocates for improving and protecting your health after breast cancer.


It all starts with you! Thank you volunteers for helping to make all the above possible! Your tireless efforts and understanding of our mission are making a difference to so many people every day! Thanks to you, the day is soon coming when every breast cancer survivor, no matter where she or he lives, will have access to the research-based, post treatment, multi-disciplinary clinical care that pertains to her or his own individual physical and emotional health, and treatment and disease history.